Executive Coach tips for a great Q2

As a leadership coach, I love new beginnings! A new year, a new season, and even the start of a new quarter. The arrival of the spring season and Q2 is a favorite, for sure. (Right behind Q1 🤗.) Emerging colors and more hours of sunshine are awesome. And, from a leadership standpoint, there’s plenty of time left in ’24 to pivot, and still hit those year-end targets.

It’s never a bad time to realign strategies, review what can (and probably should) be delegated, and foster continual improvement. But now, early in Q2, is a GREAT time! I actually completed this process for PERSPECTIVES and it feels so good! 

Last week, one of my awesome clients reviewed her overall ’24 plan, her Q1 action plan, and her team’s results too. During her leadership coaching session, she recognized two of her three initiatives are right on track, but one has stalled. Additionally, there are things she hasn’t made time to discuss with her team, for the benefit of learning and improving. Those were great insights, but she spent most the session time identifying opportunities to delegate, so she can get that one lagging initiative moving.

Within a few minutes, my client identified key action items to delegate to one of her direct reports. She was excited because this would be a win-win-win. Her direct report would grow and have new opportunities for higher-level exposure; by the start of Q3 the initiative would be on-track; and, her team and peers would realize the intended benefits of this initiative by year end. Just as planned!

Being part and parcel to those types of breakthroughs make my little leadership coach heart sing! (She was pretty pleased with herself as well. 😎)

want a successful Q2? you won’t go wrong with these 3 tips from a leadership coach (me):
#1: Review and revise your 2024 goals: 

It’s time to review your goals and evaluate the progress made thus far. Recognize your achievements (🎉) and make a plan for the areas that could improve with some adjustments. 

Did you know? McKinsey & Company found organizations that regularly review their goals and make adjustments are 30% more likely to achieve them. This might also be motivating for you: Adaptability is a cornerstone of effective leadership. It helps you build an agile, responsive and innovative team.

#2: Embrace Delegation as a Strategic Tool: 

In the spirit of spring’s renewal, consider delegating more tasks and responsibilities to your team members. Effective delegation fosters growth, efficiency, and collaboration within your organization. Additionally, leaders who delegate cultivate a culture of accountability and ownership among team members. Done well, delegation is a strategic tactic that fuels productivity and develops a cohesive, resilient organization.

Research from Gallup showed Leaders who effectively delegate see a 33% increased revenue and higher levels of employee engagement. 🤯

One important caveat: Delegation may mean you need to slow down to speed up… As a leadership coach, I’ve seen the pain suffered when delegates were unclear. Take the (relatively) few hours needed to set your delegate up for success. You will gain valuable time back into your days for the things only you can do.  

#3: Foster a Culture of Continuous Improvement:

As you embark on the journey of Q2, remember to prioritize cultivating a culture of continuous improvement. Are you encouraging open communication, feedback loops, and a willingness to learn from both successes and setbacks? 

Modelling a culture of continuous improvement enhances operational efficiency and ignites a sense of purpose and engagement amongst the team. A study from Deloitte found organizations that prioritize continuous improvement are 1.4 times more likely to achieve their goals. 😎

I do believe spring (a/k/a Q2) is a time of renewal, growth, and opportunity. This time of year, revisiting ’24 goals, Q1 results, and adjusting as warranted is the top focus for my clients. As a leadership coach, I encourage you to seize the momentum of this season! Embrace these three tips and you will up your odds for hitting all your targets in 2024.

We’d love to hear from you! Reach out today and let’s talk about how PERSEPCTIVES coaches can help expand your leadership capacity.

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