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Our Workshop & Training Events are rooted in personal accountability for behaviors and results. Each may be customized to meet your specific goals, as we deliver AH-HA moments, real-world tools for easy and immediate application of concepts, and an occasional hearty laugh.

Our intention with every engagement is for participants to leave with new perspectives, increased awareness, and poised for greater results.

At PERSPECTIVES, we refer to workshops and training events as “shared learning experiences” because it illuminates the collaborative nature of our programs. We know the discussions and sharing of perspectives we incorporate into our programs is knowledge-synching and behavior-changing.

It is always delightful (and validating) to hear how the concepts and tools provided through our shared learning experiences continue to be leaned on and keep improving results within organizations!

Karen Pelot, PERSPECTIVES, LLC CEO and lead practitioner
Karen Pelot Facilitating a Conflict Resolution Workshop

Did you know? When a workgroup learns, discusses, and practices new concepts together, the potential for positive change at the individual and organizational level is greatly enhanced. This is because a new collective working memory is formed. (Kirschner 2018)

This new collective memory promotes better concept retention and more meaningful learning.

Our workshops offer unique content and experiences while providing opportunities for:

  • Improved self-awareness and self-management skills
  • A greater understanding of others leads to more effective interpersonal relationships
  • Increased accountability for behavior and results

If you aren’t convinced yet that your workgroup would benefit from one of our shared learning experiences, consider this:

92% of executives believe “soft skills” (we prefer to acknowledge them as “essential skills”) at least equal to, often more valuable than, technical skills. (LinkedIn 2018)


Turning Workplace Conflict Into Golden Opportunities

Too Often Leaders Are Ashamed Or Embarrassed By The Notion There Is Conflict Amongst Their Team, Or Heaven Forbid Between Them And Someone In Particular.

Karen Pelot, PERSPECTIVES, LLC CEO and lead practitioner

Workshops & Training Topics

  • Meet Your Mindset: How to recognize it, Shift it, and Empower it.
  • The Truth About Conflict: Keys to Understanding it, embracing it, and turning it into opportunities
  • Emotional Intelligence: The Essential Ingredient for Success
  • True ColorsTM: The BEST time you will ever have learning about yourself, and how to effectively work with the people around you!
  • Embracing Accountability: The prerequisite for leadership success.

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