Our workplace conflict resolution specialists honor the core tenets of mediation. We always assure neutrality, confidentiality, and self-determination throughout the conflict resolution process.

Did You Know?

  • Productivity is the biggest casualty of unresolved workplace conflict. What efficiencies could you gain through effective conflict resolution?
  • Tremendous opportunity lies Just below the surface of conflict. What opportunity is lingering conflict preventing you from seeing?
  • Conflict costs U.S. businesses more than $359B annually. How is conflict impacting your bottom line?

Certified conflict resolution specialists

PERSPECTIVES’ Florida Supreme Court certified* mediators and conflict resolution specialists get directly to the root of workplace conflict. We are skilled in identifying not just positions – which are usually quite apparent – but interests, options, and agreeable commitments.

*County and circuit court certifications are held by all PERSPECTIVES mediators.

Conflict resolution process

Our conflict resolution process provides the safe, confidential space needed for self-exploration, problem solving, and meaningful collaboration. We guide clients to develop new insights, effectively collaborate, and find mutually agreed upon resolutions, to support effective interaction moving forward. Parties complete the process with new tools to benefit them beyond the engagement.

Client Testimonials

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