As the CEO and lead practitioner of PERSPECTIVES, I would be delighted to share my time-tested, empirically proven, capacity-growing insights at your next leadership seminar or event!

Why Karen Pelot & PERSPECTIVES?

Only 1 in 10 are natural-born leaders who guide their employees by example. (INC.COM) That means 90% of the leaders currently in their roles need more information and skill development to be truly effective in their roles, much less successful in the next one.

The insights and tools provided by Karen Pelot, in each of her presentations, deliver important, often overlooked, and readily applied information to enhance the capacity of even the most experienced leaders.

Karen’s Purpose

Helping leaders continue to grow and find new and improved ways to achieve outstanding results for themselves, their teams, and their organizations as a whole brings me joy. Seeing “aha moments” come across audience faces and witnessing as concepts and ideas connect never gets old!

Great leadership requires:

  • Continual learning
  • Evolution
  • A good deal of trial and error

I intend to be the facilitator of all those things for as many leaders as possible for as long as life permits.

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What Your audience will walk away with

“I suppose leadership at one time meant muscle; but today it means getting along with people.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Everything I share targets greater self-awareness, understanding of others, and accountability. These are powerful tools for leaders. They are, in fact, essential for ongoing success. I can’t wait to share important reminders, new nuggets, and readily applied information and tips with your audience!

Presentation Topics

  • Meet Your Mindset: How to recognize it, Shift it, and Empower it.
  • The Truth About Conflict: Keys to Understanding it, embracing it, and turning it into opportunities
  • Emotional Intelligence: The Essential Ingredient for Success
  • True ColorsTM: The BEST time you will ever have learning about yourself, and how to effectively work with the people around you!
  • Embracing Accountability: The prerequisite for leadership success.

extraordinary Results


Karen Pelot, CEO & Lead Practitioner, PERSPECTIVES LLC

Unlock new perspectives, transform communication, and encourage new and improved actions.

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