Strategic planning and meeting facilitation with PERSPECTIVES means you’ll never settle for another shelf-hugging plan. We know your results will determine the success of your plan – WE CAN HELP WITH THAT.

The REMARKABLE LeadershipTM Way

PERSPECTIVES’ Remarkable Leadership executive and senior leader coaching program.


Stage one moves from assumptions and guessing to certainty and prioritized focus.


Stage two shifts you from old habits and reactive patterns to mission-focused strategy, with measurable goals and intentional accountability.


Stage three supports the follow-through needed to assure you go from falling short to exceeding your goals.

Strategic Planning Facilitation

A great strategic plan defines direction and creates organization-wide alignment around priorities and goals. It serves as your guidepost and litmus test for organizational activity, and unifies leaders under common, big-picture goals. It supports clarity in decision making and continually evolves as conditions require and milestones are achieved.

67% of leaders believe they are good at developing strategy, but only 47% believe they are good at implementing and executing the plans.

If you’re ready for an exceptional plan that sets you up for success with implementation and follow through, contact us today. We’re ready to help.

Meetings need purpose, a clear agenda, and goals.  Our professional meeting facilitators assist with planning and preparation, then serve as your process keepers throughout your meeting.

Critical Meeting Facilitation

We serve as outside, objective, neutrals throughout the process. Count on us to:

  • Work with you to craft a meaningful agenda and clarify meeting goals
  • Manage personalities, keep discussions on-point, and accomplish goals
  • Establish and communicate ground rules
  • Initiate and support collaborative discussion
  • Assure all voices are heard
  • Know when to break and when to keep going
  • Wrap-up with clarity around who, what, why, by-when and next steps

Make the most of your time and support outstanding results with professional meeting facilitation.

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Our strategic planning and meeting facilitation will assure you take the RIGHT steps towards extraordinary results!

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