Focus on your true priorities

The hustle of the holiday season has begun! Before you get too deep into all the extra commitments and distractions, take a minute to focus on what your priorities really are for the coming weeks. With a little strategy and planning, you CAN still accomplish your goals AND enjoy the holidays.

As the opportunities for distraction (albeit fun!) ramp-up, we’ve got three tips to help you keep your focus, maintain your peace, and share your joy:

  1. Keep your true priorities front and center. Plan your week and block time on your calendar for your daily priorities. This practice gives you the peace of knowing you have allotted time to give each your full attention.
  2. Say “Yes!” only to the extra social events that truly sound like fun, are meaningful to you, and/or will feed your soul. Life’s just too short to be dragged down by artificial obligations. Be kind, be honest, and be true to you.
  3. Remember the self care. “Everything in moderation” really does make good sense. Go ahead and treat yourself, it’s the holidays! Also remember you will be able to focus and enjoy more when you are well-hydrated, nourished, and get enough rest. Don’t forget to give yourself time to move that body too!

Of course, you know these things already. However, this festive season is also the time of year when humans become the most stressed out and overloaded. We encourage you to give each of these tips some intentional focus so you can be your best, finish 2019 strong, and thoroughly enjoy your holidays.

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