What’s On Your Mind? How to make sure your mindset doesn’t derail you

Adjust your mindset, and watch how everything improves!

Did you know your mindset is predisposed for certain reactions, understandings, and beliefs? Did you know it dictates how you feel about, well, everything? You know what else?  You get to choose between being bogged down by an unproductive, negative mindset or lifted up by a creative, empowering, positive one. But there’s a catch – you have to be able to recognize which one you’re in, and understand how it works before you can change it.

Any of these sound familiar?

  • Someone made negative assumptions about you that were all wrong
  • You made assumptions about someone else that proved to be wrong
  • You witnessed someone misreading or over reacting to a situation
  • You misread or over reacted to someone or something
  • My favorite: You relive the same conversation over and over, but with new brilliant insights and witty comebacks, from you.
  • All too common: An entire work group is stuck in an unproductive, unhealthy, negative mindset.

Our unique program explains why we all get it wrong sometimes, and even how entire groups can easily adopt a negative mindset that deteriorates communication, trust, creativity, and collaboration. Here’s the good news: It also teaches participants how to develop a new personal awareness, and how to instantly shift from a negative, unproductive mindset to one that is clear, creative, rational, and productive.

Information, tools, and benefits:

  • The science behind why we instinctively believe, think, say, and do what we do
  • Personally experience how misleading perceptions can be
  • Recognize the reactive “stories” playing 24/7 in your head and test their accuracy
  • Become aware of being stuck in an unproductive mindset
  • Learn how to instantly shift to a productive, positive, creative, collaborative mindset individually, and even as a group

This workshop has the power to improve your workplace culture and increase your success.  As so many participants have shared, its applications are equally impactful for improving interpersonal relationships and results at work, and at home!

Bringing us together for this shared understanding and experience was so valuable. The information and exercises were on point, and as a leadership team, I know we are going to be better and do better.” – Director. U.S. Department of Interior

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