Motivational Speaking

We take the sleepy out of keynotes and presentations! Our motivating speakers bring the energy and the “Aha!” to your conferences, seminars, and significant company gatherings. We deliver content that is eye-opening and inspiring, as we positively impact your leadership teams, staff, and other organizational gatherings.
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Whether you’re dealing with costly litigation or harmful interpersonal disputes, our Supreme Court Certified, Circuit Court Mediators have the experience, skill, patience and tenacity needed to bring the conflict to a sustainable and amicable resolution.
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Meeting Facilitation 1

Group Training

Our half-day, one-day, and two-day customized training programs deliver the tools you need to end communication breakdowns, learn how to bring out the best in each other, and expand individual awareness, accountability, and capacity for success.
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Workplace meetings are often a source of dread and frustration, serving as more of a time waster than success builder. Pelot & Associates’ facilitators keep you focused and action oriented, as we help problem solve and identify the what, who, when, and how of your key initiatives. We make the most of your valuable time, with meetings that begin with meaningful agendas and end with unified clarity.
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Leadership Coaching 5


Leaders typically possess the “hard skills” that are objective and easily measured, but it’s “soft skills” that account for as much as 75% of your success. Soft skills inspire loyalty, trust, unity, clarity, accountability, and sustainable success. Our coaches will help with tactical action planning and execution, but your leadership capacity will expand exponentially as we help you understand and develop your soft skills.
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To provide impactful training and development that results in positive change, you must begin with an accurate diagnosis of the problem. Our proven assessment tools provide a high-level perspective, as well as drill-down into team dynamics. We review our analysis reports with you and explain our conclusions. Then we collaborate with you to develop a plan of action that will lead you and your organization to greater success.
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