Why mediate?
1. The courts generally require mediation.
2. Mediation is a cost effective and time efficient way to resolve litigated and presuit conflict.
3. Mediation provides a confidential, neutral, setting where issues, positions and interests can be discussed while exploring opportunities for resolution.
4. A mediator is neutral and is bound by confidentiality. Her only interest is in helping to facilitate the resolution of your case. All mediation discussions are considered confidential, with certain exceptions involving potential harm or neglect of a child, elderly or disabled person.
5. You control the outcome: The terms of settlement, or decision not to settle, rests squarely in your court. Through mediation all power and decision making authority is equally shared between you and the other party.
6. As Supreme Court certified mediators, all mediations conducted by our mediators are done so in accordance with rule 1.700, et. seq. and Chapter 44, of the Florida Statutes.
Why engage a facilitator?
1. A PERSECPTIVES, LLC facilitator is the “keeper of the process” for important, and/or potentially high-stakes, emotionally charged meetings.
2. Your facilitator helps ensure your agenda is developed and prioritized for maximum benefit, and the meeting stays productive and focused on the agenda.
3. Your facilitator is skilled at eliciting input from, and perspectives of, all the participants, while managing the range of emotions that surface during high-stakes meetings and times of uncertainty or change.
4. Your facilitator will ensure meetings wrap-up with action items, timelines, and accountability clearly defined.
5. Our facilitators assist with interpersonal communication break-downs between individuals, tear-down silos between departments, and help to build true collaboration and effective short and long-term goals for work groups.
6. PERSPECTIVES, LLC assure confidentiality.
What does a coach do?
1. PERSPECTIVES, LLC begin with a comprehensive assessment of individual and leadership team competencies and opportunities, accomplished through 360 degree-styled surveys; followed by recommended focused coaching, personalized for the greatest personal and organizational impact.
2. We provide individual, personalized coaching for business leaders in order to expand current interpersonal skills, and develop further potential for valued, high-potential leaders.
a. Learn to have difficult, uncomfortable conversations without losing trust or damaging relationships
b. Develop collaborative leadership skills
c. Recognize and improve communication blind-spots that may be holding you back
d. Communicate authentically, while remaining loyal to the mission and true to corporate values
e. Earn and encourage respect, value, and trust individually and for the organization, through becoming a great communicator.
3. Our coaches work with peers and leadership teams, to help break down barriers to success and create a collaborative, synergistic leadership culture
What kind of training do we provide?

1. We provide 1/2 day to 3-day training programs tailored to your needs, focused on improving the communication culture and overall success of your leaders and their teams. Sessions include:

  • True Colors* Personality Assessment
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Stress Management
  • Anger Management
  • Social/Emotional Intelligence/Empathy
  • The “self”
  • Perception and Expections
  • Persuasion/Compliance Gaining
  • Interpersonal Communication Basics
  • Intercultural Competence
  • Verbal and Nonverbal Communication
  • Effective Public Speaking/Presenting
What type of assessment do I need?
The best assessment depends on your immediate needs and goals. Seeking to understand the level of engagement, loyalty, and satisfaction of your workforce or team? Our climate assessment delivers quantitative and qualitative data for you to work with. Climate assessments may be conducted online, through confidential interviews, or a combination of the two. When complete, our team provides a complete report, analysis, and recommendations for your greatest areas of opportunity. Want comprehensive data on the capacity of your leadership team or individual leader? Our 360-Leadership assessment provides quantitative and qualitative data from direct reports, peers, direct supervisors, and others. Our unique 360-Leadership assessment has been designed to identify current levels of emotional intelligence, communication and collaboration, and business acumen. Upon completion, leaders being assessed receive a comprehensive report, complete with analysis and recommendations capitalizing on their strengths, and taking their leadership to the next level of excellence.
How long does an assessment take?
Assessments typically take 4-6 weeks, from start-to-finish, depending on the size of the group or team being assessed.
How do we get started?
Email or call us today for your free assessment consultation. Together we will explore your needs and goals, in order to provide the best recommendations. Proposals are provided within 3 business days of our call.
What happens after the assessment?
When your assessment is complete, we will analyze the results, provide you a comprehensive report, including recommendations. Our clients typically follow assessments with targeted coaching and/or group training. Simply identifying data doesn’t provide momentum or skills for targeted improvements. Most of our clients complete a follow-up assessment within 9-12 months, in order to benchmark progress and the optimization of strengths.
What size groups do you work with?
Our assessments are designed to work well with any size organization. Smaller groups (15 or fewer) tend to do best with confidential interview-style assessments when measuring climate. Otherwise, online, interview, or combination provides excellent usable data. Online 360-Leadership assessments are beneficial for leaders with 3 or more direct reports.
Why use an outside mediator v. internal HR or leader?
Confidentiality is the cornerstone of mediation. An outside neutral is “safe”, with no internal stake in the outcome. Open, honest, forward-thinking discussion happens quickly when a professional, outside, neutral presides over the process. Participants are free to problem solve and be candid, without concern for who might find out, react to, or judge their personal opinions, observations, ideas, and thoughts.
Who pays for mediation?
Mediation costs are typically divided equally between the parties in civil litigation. In proactive workplace mediation, services are paid for by the company.
What is the cost of mediation?
Mediation rates are $300/ hour, billed in 15-minute increments after the first two hours. A two-hour deposit is often required prior to mediation.
What are the credentials of your mediators?
Our mediators are certified by the Florida Supreme Court and adhere strictly to all applicable rules and regulations set forth for Florida certified mediators. It is our understanding, Florida rules and regulations are aligned with and, in some instances, were foundational for rules and regulations of other states within the U.S. Our mediators have Master level degrees from accredited universities in conflict resolution. Our mediators receive a minimum of 18 hours of continuing education bi-annually, in order to maintain certifications and stay current on information and techniques. Our mediators have presided over hundreds, in some cases thousands, of confidential mediations.