External Sources

Perspectives recommends the following external sources of information:

A wealth of information is available via the Florida courts website.  Here you can access individual circuit court websites, as well as learn about requirements for different types of court cases, and alternative dispute resolution.  In addition, all Florida Supreme Court certified mediators are listed, along with their specific certifications.


Mediate.com is “all things mediation” housed in one excellent place.  Enjoy the wide variety of articles and resources, specifically related to mediation and alternative dispute resolution. (You can find a few of Karen Pelot’s articles published there too!)


The Association for Conflict Resolution is also a good resource for thoughtful and intellectual information and research about the variety of mediation styles, ombudsmen, and workplace conflict resolution.


Perspectives’ owner and director, Karen Pelot, keeps the mission of the Always Wear Your Seatbelt Foundation close to her heart.  Karen serves on the board of directors, holds the position of secretary, and chairs the education and awareness committee for the foundation.  Please check it out, and ALWAYS wear your seatbelt!